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FluidAI’s artificial intelligence-powered postsurgical monitor, Stream™ Platform, launches globally

FluidAI Medical’s revolutionary Stream™ Platform paves the way for early detection of life-threatening postoperative complications

KITCHENER, ON, Aug. 9, 2023 /CNW/ – Canadian medical technology company, FluidAI Medical (FluidAI), is set to revolutionize postoperative care with the launch of its ground-breaking medical device, the Stream™ Platform in Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Through the use of the Stream™ Platform, surgeons have the potential to make a more accurate and timely diagnosis of postoperative leaks, dreaded complications of digestive tract surgeries, which can lead to better treatment outcomes and an improved quality of life for their patients. Stream™ Platform’s international debut, made possible through the company’s strategic partnerships with Canadian Hospital Specialties Limited (CHS Ltd.) and Gulf Medical Co. Ltd., marks an exciting new chapter in postoperative care around the world.

“The launch of Stream™ Platform is a pivotal milestone in addressing the critical need we hear from surgeons across the globe: patients suffer from life-threatening complications, and we don’t catch them soon enough. With a data-driven approach backed by artificial intelligence, we can predict complications and enable preventative medicine – an entirely new paradigm of care that is precise and tailored to individual patient needs.”

–  Youssef Helwa, CEO and Cofounder of FluidAI

About Stream™ Platform

Postoperative leaks are a potential complication for patients who have undergone gastrointestinal surgery. Leaks are a significant concern, carrying a high risk of morbidity and mortality for patients, potential short- and long-term consequences, and significant implications for healthcare systems more broadly, including increased length of patient stay and decreased quality of life.

The Stream™ Platform is a system that utilises patient-specific data to improve postoperative care. Using advanced sensors and an AI-driven algorithm, this non-invasive, easy-to-use device, can help drive detection of leaks early on, which can ultimately save hospitals both time and money. 

The Stream™ Platform consists of the Origin™ Inline Device, which gathers patient data from the surgical site; and the Delta™ Bedside Monitor, a tablet that utilizes the Stream™ app to analyze and display the patient data.

About FluidAI Medical

FluidAI (formerly known as NERv Technology Inc.) is a Canadian medical technology company that uses AI to aid with the early detection of postoperative leaks. From general to gastrointestinal surgeries, FluidAI’s mission is to empower healthcare providers with data-driven solutions that improve patient outcomes and advance postoperative care. To learn more about FluidAI and how the company is transforming postoperative care, please visit

For further information: Mustafa Obeidat, Strategic Partnerships, FluidAI Medical, +1 (877) 660-6378 ex. 205, [email protected]